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Academic Courses at the Institute of European Studies JU

In the academic year 2008/09 CHS JU offered the following courses related to the Holocaust: “Anti-Semitism after Auschwitz” as well as “The Holocaust in History and Film.” The ‘darker side of [Polish] history’ as well as manifestations of growing anti-Semitism in Western Europe linked with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict need to be carefully analysed in terms of the memory of the Holocaust. The aim of the “Anti-Semitism after Auschwitz” course is to analyse and interpret manifestations of what Robert Wistrich termed “the longest hatred”.

The course will touch upon theories that try to explain the sources of negative attitudes towards Jews. Special attention will be given to contemporary discourses on anti-Semitism in Europe as well as the present debate about post-war anti-Semitism in Poland. The course has an interdisciplinary and interactive character.

The aim of the course “Holocaust in History and Film” is to familiarize students with the history of the Holocaust and its representations in film. The syllabus includes the history of anti-Semitism as well as psycho-social theories that grapple with the sources of anti-Jewish sentiment. The topics analysed include the consideration of the consequences of the Holocaust. Special attention is paid to the victims as well as to contemporary discourses about the Shoah in Europe Films form an integral element of the courses. These are preceded by an introduction and followed by a discussion and study of educational materials.

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