Research on the attitudes of Polish youth towards the Holocaust from 1998 has shown that 88 % of 16-17 year-olds believes that knowledge about the Extermination of the Jews should be passed on, for it is a lesson for all of humankind. Conversely, almost 13% of young Poles deny the Holocaust. Education is therefore essential.

Academic Courses at the Institute of European Studies JU

In the academic year 2008/09 CHS JU offered the following courses related to the Holocaust: “Anti-Semitism after Auschwitz” as well as “The Holocaust in History and Film.” The ‘darker side of [Polish] history’ as well as manifestations of growing anti-Semitism in Western Europe linked with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict need to be carefully analysed in terms of the memory of the Holocaust. The aim of the “Anti-Semitism after Auschwitz” course is to analyse and interpret manifestations of what Robert Wistrich termed “the longest hatred”.



Kurs Profesora Moshe Zimmermanna

Profesor Moshe ZimmermannCentrum Badań Holokaustu UJ wraz z Instytutem Studiów Audiowizualnych UJ w dniach 20-28.05.2009 r., zorganizowało 30 godzinny kurs Profesora Moshe Zimmermanna pt. „Antysemityzm, nazizm i Holokaust w filmie niemieckim i amerykańskim”.



Course entitled “Aspects of the Holocaust”

Wolf Keiser

The courses at the CHS are led by JU academic staff and collaborators, as well as by visiting professors. One of them was Dr Wolf Kaiser, Director of Education at the House of the Wannsee Conference Memorial and Educational Site, who led a 30h course entitled “Aspects of the Holocaust” at the end of May 2008. In his lectures he touched upon the history of the Holocaust (Hitler’s politics, the ghettos, camps, persecutors and victims) as well as issues pertaining to its remembrance and the perception of the Holocaust by various social and national groups (oral history, victims’ memoirs, museums and memorials of the Holocaust).



Warsztaty edukacyjne prowadzone przez zespół Centrum Badań Holokaustu UJ

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Zespół Centrum Badań Holokaustu UJ prowadzi różnorodne warsztaty i zajęcia edukacyjne. Są one skierowane przede wszystkim do młodzieży, ale także nauczycieli, animatorów kultury oraz lokalnych liderów. Warsztaty koncentrują się wokół tematyki historii Żydów i Romów, problemów antysemityzmu, zagadnień dziedzictwa i tożsamości oraz sposobów prowadzenia dialogu międzykulturowego. Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z ofertą Centrum.



Workshops for teachers and local leaders

The CHS JU is a centre that defines and directs a range of academic research on the Holocaust, proposes innovative teaching methods to tackle this issue and cooperates with institutions concerned with the issue of anti-Semitism and the protection of Jewish heritage.